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Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Bulletin Board

Copying this Bulletin Board from this blog to fill my boredom -_- 
so, check this out ~

About Someone :

1.  what is the background of your phone wallpaper?
     ngg, yesterday, I used this photo, but five minutes ago. I replaced it with fabulous one :)

replaced with

2. who's the last person you text with?
    my boyfi. but now, he's disspearead -____-

3. who's the last person you bbm with?
    I don't use Blackberry ._.

4. who's the last person you called?
    my mom, six days ago ._.

5.  who's beside you right now? hiii
     my mom, she is always beside me, and always there when I needed :*

6. who's the person who just had their birthday recently?
    my big brother, on june 24th

7. who's the last person you talked with?
    my super mom! talked about my future and HIM :D

8. why should be her/him?
   ha? I don't understand with this question ._.

9. if you have $100, who do you want to treat and why?
    absolutely my family :D . They always give what i want.

10. who's from your friends that ever make you cry?
     ngg, I never cried because of my friend. They are fabulous, awesome and fantastic friends I ever  

About You :

11. what are the habits of yours that people should imitate with?
      ngg, wash my hands before eating, haha :D

12. if you want to pick's your nose, are you gonna tell people first?
     I will tell people if I'm done pick the awesome one -_-

13. where did you usually throw your snot?
      my friends shirt. it sounds disgusting, right? (~ ^.^)~

14. what is your bad attitude?
     it's to much to tell in here, haha. I'm too nosy maybe :p

15. how's your fart sound like?
     have you ever heard Sarah McLachlan? as tunable as it is :p

16. what's the animals that describe you the most?
     PANDA ! why? because my boyfi also said this -_-

17. what are the instruments that you can play?
     bass betot. Do you know "bass betot" ? haha

18. how many times you usually take a shower /day?
      twice. but, when holiday I take a shower once ._.

19. what are the things that you still keep till now? what is that, from who?
     so many things. 

20. what are the things that you want right now?
     ngg, things? Stella Black and Stella Beige Striped wedges from UP ._.

About School :

21. where's your high school?
     Senior High School 2 Malang ( 1 year ago)

22. subjects that results best?
      I think in all subjects, muehehe :p

23. what you usually buy in canteen?
      orange juice !! :D

24. how many money your mom give you that time?
      Rp. 150.000 for each month -___- but, my brother also  gave :p

25. have you ever been in relationship? with who?
      yes! with .....

26. teacher you hate the most? why?
      ngg, I forgot her name, mihihi :p

27. subject you that don't like?
     physics maybe, click this post if you want to know, haha

28.  who's your quirky friends? and why you find them quirky?
      IGEMJIBU \(^.^)/ because too much absurd conversation between us :D

29. your crush that time?

30. what you miss the most from high school? 
     everything. I miss everything about high school :'

About Him :

31. crush/boyfriend?

32. who's his name? dare to tell?
     you can call him, KUTUKUPRET :*

33. where do you know him?
     ngg, in a battle game on mXit ._. do you remember mXit? ._.

34. know his favorite food?
     fried rice? ngg, but I think, he love all kind of food except shrimp ._.

35.  what do you think he's doing right now?

36.  why do you like him?
      ngg, because, ngg. I don't know why I like him ._. he is funny maybe ._.

37. when he looks cute?
     may I not answering this question? he never look cute. but he always look awesome when he wear 
     black T-shirt written Jerusalem ._. mihihi :*

38. songs to describe both of you? 
     ngg, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry but covered by Boyce Avenue. 

39. last time you saw him? and where?
      on July 15th at station when he would return to his hometown :'

40.  where is your dream place with him?
      "Tenda Biru" hahaha *justkidding. ngg, grassland? ._.

About Anything :

41. what you wanted to do?
     sleeping and dreaming about him, muehehe :p

42. what country you hope to go?
     south korea, japan, italy, france, and so on 

43. things that you wanted to have and buy? 
     shoes, bowler hat, wristwatch, tote bag, some novels and .... ngg, it's too much maybe ._.

44. your dream job? 
     professional Journalist 

45. favorite artist?
     JANG WOOYOUNG 2PM !! One direction, Adele, Boyce Avenue and so on

46. if now you could meet anyone you want, who will you meet?

47. first person you follow on twitter?
      ngg, maybe @tiitiiynjo

48. your favorite things that gone?
     ngg, I don't know -___________-

49.  things that you quite know most?

50. what do you think about this bulletin board?
      wuhuuuu, so fantastic. it can make I feel hungry again :|

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