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Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

happy sunday fellas :)

Assalamualaikum :)
today is sunday, yay \(^.^)/
I actually didn't like sunday, because the next day is monday, and it means I should start my boring activities.
but, I don't know why I realy love this sunday.
Get up at 5 am. (still yawning) and then went to the Car Free Day on ijen street. And you know what? I'm alone, only accompanied by a camera, mihihi :)
enjoy the beautiful sunday morning without pollution,

ijen church

how beautiful is it, so lovable sunday morning !
refreshing before the war that starts tomorrow (read : UAS) -_- 

ngg, I also watch the Flashmob Contest 

this is SBSquad, one of the dance cover community in my town, they are so fantastic !
and they won the Flasmob Contest, Congratulation :D
and then, taraaaaaaaaa .....

I go to KFC to have breakfast, this is will be very tasty when you are hungry, right?
krushers!! creamy delight klasik blueberry. so yummy !!

*miss focus* krushers or crusher?

and this is  bonus for you ..

It's perfect sunday morning, hope you get your perfect sunday morning too :D

7 komentar:

  1. hai dek, kamu tinggal di malang ya? kakak juga :) tiap minggu ke gereja pasti lewat ijen hehehe

    1. iya kak, orang malang asli kah?

    2. bukan dek, kakak asli kupang, cuma skarang lgi kuliah di malang hehehe :)

    3. ooh, anak rantau berarti kak? hehe
      kuliah dimana kak?

    4. iya dek, anak rantau :D
      kuliah di machung dek, di daerah tidar. tau?