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Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

7 months, is it still the same?

let me introduce my self.
hello, I'm a girl who still with you, that is always with you to maintain this relationship.
who is always ask "how are you"
who is always ask "where are you"
who is always ask "do you miss me" :D

was 7 months, and it feels very fast
i still feel, just yesterday we met
do you still remember our first meet?
I'll always smile when I remember that, it's so memorable
and until now, my feeling is the same as before.
You've been on my mind
how about you?
i hope you feel what i feel.

distance isn't a problem for you, right?
do you believe someday we'll  be together without having to be separated by distance?
I believe it :)

ngg, you know what?
i was still nervous when i have to see you
i don't know why
maybe, you're so awesome, haha

happy seven month dear, mihihi :)
love you as always

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