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Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

long time no see

Finally!! :D
yesterday, I met with Vivi Sintiasari she is my close friend.
I miss her so much :)
Long time no see, she still looks beautiful with her new hairstyle, "dora" hairstyle.
But I think,
You don't look like Dora, because you don't carry a backpack and not accompanied by a monkey :D

I had planned to meet her an hour earlier, we met at "KFC Kawi"
so many stories that she tell to me, we tell each other :D
she told me about her "mastamtam"
I told her about "my poor melati dan kegalauannya"
and many other stories that really absurd
haha, random stories -_-
more than 3 hours we talked.
it's so great day! yay

unfortunately, we didn't get to take photos :(
but, we had planned to meet again, and meet with my other close friends, IGEMJIBU \(^.^)/
and I won't forget to take a photo together!

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