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Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

"Thank's God, It's Tuesday"

Yes I know, I'm late to tell this, but it must be told !! :D

Can I call this a surprise?
it's very lovable february,
yey!! he came to my town :D
he didn't say if he would meet me, suddenly he was in front of my eyes.

"thanks god, It's tuesday"
he came on tuesday, and 2 days in my town :)
we wasting time together. cooking together, make a joke and so on :)
someday, I'm gonna miss this moment.

I had wonderful holiday with him.
two days isn't enough to eliminate my longing (lebay) :D
hope he will come to my town again, next month? maybe :p
yippie yippie yippie, how lovable day!!


p.s : sorry if there are sentence errors

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