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Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

damn weekend

PLAN  : get up late, cook some breakfast with my lovely mom, movie and cookies in the afternoon and hangout with my  brother
is very great weekend ><

but it's all have gone -_-
my great weekend changes into a damn weekend

my mom go to her friend's house, and my brother has a date with his girlfriend.
Am I a bad planner? yes, I think so -_-
Finnaly, I was alone at home and only accompanied by "my lovely lappy" and a cup of cappucino. To fill my boredom, I try to draw my favourite cartoon. yay, doraemon is my favourite cartoon :D. but the result is very strange -_-. I'll show you later :D
I hope you have a great weekend, guys :D see yaaaaa :*

nb: my english is very bad :( sorry if there are sentence errors, i just want to improve my english :)

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